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The past is what you remember, imagine you remember, convince yourself you remember, or pretend you remember.

My name is David and I am a wellness practitioner and personal development coach. I believe that any kind of healing begins with connecting body and mind: anxiety, low self-esteem, relationship breakdowns and stress can affect us emotionally and physically, but with being mindful of these conditions we can begin to find balance once again.


As soon as we start paying attention to the present moment, we notice that we spend a lot of our lives with very little awareness of what we are doing or thinking. When functioning in this way we're more likely to have our buttons pressed and are no longer in control of our thoughts and how to respond to them.


Throughout the day we unconsciously and continually change states because we allow events to change how we feel. When we feel negative it triggers the painful moments in our lives and this holds us back. When busy, creative and positive about our present situation these feelings become compressed, put in a box and forgotten about. When we next experience a negative situation the box flies open and they spring out!


Stopping the old voice is incredibly difficult. Through practising mindfulness, we can begin to recognise when we're in this state. This then presents an opportunity to respond to situations with choice, rather than reacting habitually. Learning to be more aware can be very rewarding but it can also involve facing difficult and unpleasant experiences that we would normally want to avoid. In the long run, the aim of the practice is to help us face difficulties and learn to be okay with them without judgement.


Self-development is very much a personal journey. I hold private one-to-one sessions and regular sessions with a small class of no more than 10 participants. It's a relaxed atmosphere where we can share our experiences and work on centring techniques. My approach is to focus on the present to stop repetitive negative patterns. By concentrating on our present daily life, we can create a future more in tune with who we are and where we want to be. For class information please visit the contact page.


I look forward to meeting you.



David Child - Master Teacher



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